Labour History Networks

Throughout the world regional and national labour history networks are emerging as labour history researchers are trying to work together. The Global Labour History Network (GLHN) aims at being a network of networks and wants to enable researchers from all over the world to meet and to cooperate.

At the Trabajo y Trabajadores conference in La Paz, Bolivia, in May 2017 a Latin American labour history was founded: RELATT – Red Latinoamericana de Trabajo y Trabajador@s.

The Australian Society for the Study of Labour History was founded in 1961 to study “the working class situation … and social history in the fullest sense”. The Society aims not only to encourage teaching and research in labour history, but also the preservation of the records of working people and the labour movement. It desires to make history a vital part of popular consciousness, a matter for reflection and debate, at a time when it is under attack from prominent conservative intellectuals.

The European Labour History Network (ELHN) was founded in October 2013 in Amsterdam as a network of labour historians in order to bring together scholars with different institutional backgrounds (institutes, associations, archives, journals, study groups, individual researchers, etc.) and serve as an umbrella organization for smaller working groups with specific topics and tasks.